goCashFlow – Unbelievable financial operations on-the-go.

Welcome to the new month of March 2016.

Do you know how much of February’s Expenses have gone into gainful ventures for your future growth? Do you need to know?
Do you know your major monthly expenses, OR waste areas?
How about your small business expenditure?

Remember that failing to plan is planning to fail!

goCashFlow is a Finance app that’s useful in everything in our lives. Whether you need to keep track of your personal expenses while keeping an eye on your budget, or run a business venture while keeping track of ROI, or have you decided to re-invest a percentage of all income? Keep an eye on this, goCashFlow can handle anything you throw at it. Stop wasting your time searching cumbersome spreadsheets and the web for answers.

Why do I say this?

With goCashFlow, you can perform the following REAListic accounting evaluations;
* View Income Statement
* Select and View Income Statement for any time period
* View Balance Sheet as Asset vs. Owner Equity/Liability investments
* Edit Category and Sub-Category list to suit your Exact Personal & Business Needs
* Backup Data files, and Restore as necessary to ensure No Data is Ever Lost

The most exiting stuff about the goCashFlow app is that, given its realistic accounting reporting styles, it is customizable to far reaching extents…
Unconstrained Entries
**You can change a spending category (such as, “Monthly Overhead” into “Billing”) by simply Drag-ing and Dropping, and all associated Transaction entries will adjust to suit the new category. Simply AUTOMATIC.
**SubCategories can also be edited (eg. Billing->Gas) . Once a subcategory title is altered, all entries under the previous title are updated to the new title. This is POWER.
How are you growing everyday?!
** Also, a “Sneak Preview” has been added to the Balance Sheet view. This allows users to view asset/liability amassed during a given date range.
POWERFUL for tracking personal productivity over any given time.
* You can view your Cash Flow Chart in an Animation demonstrating your personal Growth (or Fail) via an “Income-Expense-Asset-Liability” Quadrangle.
Ease, in the face of complexity
* Given the complexity of a full blown BalanceSheet account, You can create a default “zero” account with 1 button click; and edit later should you want to.
More sofisticated users will find it very useful to create ‘snap shot’ balancesheet to which the ‘begining’ of an account is tied.

All these, and more, in simple and easy-flowing VIEW INTERFACE relationships;
Be financially aware for a more secure future.

Conversion on-the-go…

TopConverter will convert between any two (or three) measures of the same type.
This means conversions between such measures as Length:
Centimetres == Metres, Metres == feet, Fathom == Kilometre, etc.
Newton == Metric Tonne, KiloNewton == (Newton)x1000, Ounce == Grams, etc.
Attojoule == Btu, Joule == Calorie, watthour == Gallon of diesel oil, etc.
Knot == Mach, Mach == Kilometre per Hour, Mile per hour == Kilometre per Hour, etc.

More conversion units include, TemperatureVolumePowerAreaTimeAngleClothing Size & Currency.
The currency converter converts between any two (or three) world currencies at once (i.e. At one time using the “triple-taneous” conversion feature.

Also, there is the “Custom” conversion view, where you can determine the conversion variable by yourself, for quick reference/conversion operations.

View the screenshots…

Paginating ePub – Saving the world with free-flow text pagination

This blog is dedicated to showcasing apps and interests of Chiemeka. While producing the ePub reader app, it quickly became clear to me that while ebooks evolution will widely embrace the ePub format, there is little existing technology / standard for manipulation of text for display on mobile devices. Pagination in particular suffers from this lack of standard.

… … … … …

I Will continue this blog post a little later, and ultimately post a series of code snippets in jQuery for implementing pagination for long xHtml pages for mobile devices.

Is a Converter App suitable for the iPad?

A mobile Converter on an Apple device?
Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come. – Victor Hugo.

This is the case of Apple’s small range of products: the iPhone, iPad and iPod, as well as the computers and other desktop products. The mobile products have so wowed the whole world and company IT departments are picking up the iPhone/iPad one after the other as it has not only proven to be the app of choice for the employees, but also robust with smart capabilities built around security.
And with hundreds of thousands of apps available for these devices, it is no wonder it becomes daunting trying to determine what app best suits the iPhone in the pocket and nimble in the hands, or the more handy iPad interface.

It is nice to be able to know how much Euro’s you’ll get out of a Dollar as you’re moving along, or size of a t-shirt is equivalent to the named size “Medium” when you’re holidaying in Europe. …and more. The question is whether it is nice and comfy to swing the iPad around in both hands trying to ‘tap’ out the necessary conversion, as we may well require it while standing or moving.

The 2 apps to consider for example are TopConverter for the iPhone and Clothes for iPhone/iPad (see pictures below).
TopConverter incorporates a lot of measurement conversions and even includes the clothes converter, but while a few taps will produce required results for most of the other conversions, Clothes conversion involves quite a bit of drum-rolling and is slightly clustered on the iPhone. This of course lends to the larger visuals and handy gestures that we have come to love for the iPad.

So is this the general ‘take’ for most people?

Maybe an aggregated opinion pool detailing what individuals like to do with the iPhone versus the iPad will be a great help.

Any service like this out there?

iPhone Versions:
20120210-083930.jpg     20120210-084052.jpg     20120210-084202.jpg

iPad Versions: