Conversion on-the-go…

TopConverter will convert between any two (or three) measures of the same type.
This means conversions between such measures as Length:
Centimetres == Metres, Metres == feet, Fathom == Kilometre, etc.
Newton == Metric Tonne, KiloNewton == (Newton)x1000, Ounce == Grams, etc.
Attojoule == Btu, Joule == Calorie, watthour == Gallon of diesel oil, etc.
Knot == Mach, Mach == Kilometre per Hour, Mile per hour == Kilometre per Hour, etc.

More conversion units include, TemperatureVolumePowerAreaTimeAngleClothing Size & Currency.
The currency converter converts between any two (or three) world currencies at once (i.e. At one time using the “triple-taneous” conversion feature.

Also, there is the “Custom” conversion view, where you can determine the conversion variable by yourself, for quick reference/conversion operations.

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