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Fence CalcFence Calculator is a free utility that is used to derive an estimated minimum cost for fencing any given size of land delimited in plots, and joined end-to-end. The land shape calculated for is a rectangle shaped plot with sides A & B, where A = 2B. User simply inputs a known Cost for fencing 1 plot of land and this value is subsequently used to calculate the amount required to fence any specified number of plots (GIVEN THAT THEY ARE JOINED END-TO-END).

It is noteworthy that $2,000 cost to fence a plot DOES NOT EQUATE to $20,000 cost to fence 10 plots [Corresponding value for 10 plots is from $8,000].
This application applies to any kind of fence in any kind of location, and is a useful tool for quick estimation for builers and owners alike.
In practice plots of land are in clusters, and so in such cases this app is useful for setting maximum possible fencing expenditiure as a quick reference. As clustered plot numbers rise in excess of 10plots, …100plots, …1000plots, etc., actual fencing amounts tend to as low as 10% the estimated result on Fence Calc.

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