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TopConverter is a measurement conversion app that’s useful in every walk of life. Whether you need to convert millimeters to inches, tablespoons to grams, or US dollars to Algerian dinar, TopConverter can handle anything you throw at it. Stop wasting your time searching for answers on the web.

Why you should download this App today?
Do you know how many rods are in a mile? Do you need to?
With TopConverter on your device you always have the conversion value you need with no more “guesstimating.” TopConverter for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad can convert linear units, volume, area and more.

TopConverter can handle conversions for:

  • Temperature
  • Time
  • Angles
  • Area
  • Clothing sizes
  • Currency
  • Energy
  • Length
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Volume
  • Weight

To ensure this app is useful to the largest number of people possible, TopConverter supports six of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It automatically displays features in;
Japanese, or
depending on your device’s localization settings.

TopConverter is great for Forex traders. This app supports nearly every currency in the world (153 in all, with more coming!). Synchronize them all at once and you’ll have every currency conversion you need right at your finger tips.
If you love to cook, then you know that great recipes come from all over the world, and measurements can be tricky to convert. This app brings the right measurements to your kitchen no matter what units the recipe calls for. With TopConverter you’ll always know the right pan size, oven temperature, ingredient measurements and even the most common abbreviations.
If you want to speed the process up even more, use the “TripleTaneous” feature to perform three conversions simultaneously.

Sorry; we packed so many great cooking features into our app that we didn’t have room to include recipes!

1 thought on “TopConverter

  1. TopConverter will convert between any two (or three) measures of the same type.
    This means conversions between such measures as Length:
    Centimetres == Metres, Metres == feet, Fathom == Kilometre, etc.
    Newton == Metric Tonne, KiloNewton == (Newton)x1000, Ounce == Grams, etc.
    Attojoule == Btu, Joule == Calorie, watthour == Gallon of diesel oil, etc.
    Knot == Mach, Mach == Kilometre per Hour, Mile per hour == Kilometre per Hour, etc.

    More conversion units include, Temperature; Volume; Power; Area, Time, Angle, Clothing Size & Currency.
    The currency converter converts between any two (or three) world currencies at once (i.e. At one time using the “triple-taneous” conversion feature.

    Also, there is the “Custom” conversion view, where you can determine the conversion variable by yourself, for quick reference/conversion operations.

    View the screenshots…

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